We specialize in diesel repair and have four bays for Over-The-Road (OTR) work and one bay for automotive repair. Please contact us for pricing and to schedule an appointment.


    All sizes of vehicles are compatible with our alignment system including cars, pick-ups, 18 wheelers (tractor and trailer) and many more. Our system is complete with an 8 camera, 360° measuring and premium software which includes: heavy duty, trailer programming, multi-axle, busses and coaches, etc. Please contact us for pricing and to schedule an appointment.


    We offer Utah state and DOT inspections. DOT inspections are also available for Tractor and Trailers.

    • Utah State Inspections: $30.00 each
    • DOT Inspections: $40.00
    • Motorcycle Inspections: $14.00 each
    • Emissions Testing (Passenger and Larger): $15.00


    On-The-Spot Renewal allows you to renew your vehicle registration without having to wait in long lines at the DMV or print off a temporary tag and wait for the license decals. As long as your vehicle hasn’t been expired for over 6 months and is currently due, we are able to renew your registration. We do not have the ability to issue plates, therefore it must be a renewal registration. A credit or debit card is required to complete this transaction. We cannot register Apportioned Plate vehicles. We also have snowmobile and ATV stickers.


    Custom decals available at our location: Cars Trucks ATV Trailer Watercraft


    Weather tight and rodent proof storage containers are available to rent or buy.

    40' x 9' containers currently in stock
    *please note that prices are constantly changing - please call for current pricing.